"YDP Podcast": The Worst Idea Yet

A "how to become a billionaire" capitalist herding technique

I plan to start making a semi-structured, timed, pathetic excuse of a clickbait podcast some time in the next week. This is for another community to engage with (YouTube), and for a more casual/entertaining format that I enjoy being in. I'll cover changes, walk through the UI, and also video some of the things I write about. I don't plan for it to be anything, I just want another way to communicate my ideas and brainstorm in real time.

For fun and to make it attractive to the watcher, I plan to context it (because I believe entertainment is big on context, colors, etc) with a "how to build a trillion dollar apple clone empire" type of feel, and plan to make it as candid as possible. I want to both talk about my great experience with Docker, but also make fun of it for being a terrible platform.

It's alive!

Edit: the first episode is live! Go check it out as I give a great (great because there's a nice fail in it) demonstration of the simple (but difficult-to-implement) features for the smart filesystem in YDP Projects.


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