Siesta of YDP

Unfortunately, I've had to take a siesta in Your Data Place. I'm still extremely passionate, but most of my spare time has been consumed by a half-work half-play project which is niche in my industry which will allow me some more future freedom if it ends up working correctly. I'm using some of the innovations I've outlined here in that project, to make it something completely unique and separate to the current competitors.

It's in the pharmaceutical space, and I may start to think through concepts in this blog, as some of the ideas are quite abstract but need to be represented simply and easily to the users.

In the time since I've last written, I have not learnt Rust to a proficcient level. I've learnt Firebase and become better at frontend web design as well as better at software application building using Python. I will return to Rust, and YDP, as these are my raw passions. I believe my experience in this next project will greatly inspire more ideas in YDP, which is how the idea for YDP even came to be (experience in work).

Thanks for anyone who's read so far, I love good ideas, hate evil ones, and I love some people.



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