Your Data Place Projects Migrate to Docker!

Docker is now housing YDP projects (datasets coming soon)

I jumped the gun a bit (after only learning Docker a couple days ago) and fully migrated Your Data Place projects to containers. This has been an incredible idea-driver for me, realizing that a lot of the work I'd done for integrations, and other concepts (like easy databases) can all be done from within Docker containers to rapidly provide features. This means the execution runtime, project storage, project editing, common SDK work, integration management, and everything, can be all done inside of containers and heavily utilize the containers. This allows incredible security to myself, and allows me to constrain the commands to a small subset to radically reduce the attack vectors for YDP.


One thought I had further was the ability to have the entire UI be container-driven. A way this would work is you create a project, then get directed to a URL which is being hosted/forwarded through the domain. I'm not a networking pro, so this seems a bit far-fetched an something for the future.

The future

I'm now comfortable with Docker as the implementation for project file-systems, and will continue working on this but remain open to other ideas. I'll keep you updated as I push harder on Docker for the YDP features I want and need.

If you'd like to get your hands on this data platform as soon as it's open to the public, make sure to follow this blog for regular updates and voice what you need in a data platform.


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